Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK v1.657 (GOD Mode)

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APK Details

Premium version. Save the galaxy from alien shooter in this classic game
Name Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
Genre Arcade
Size 276.96 MB
Version 1.657
Update Dec 16, 2022
gamepad MOD Infinite Diamond, Paid For Free
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Mod Summary

  • MOD Menu
    • GOD Mode
    • Damage Multiplier

What's New

- Fix some bugs.

At A Glance

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK removes the frustrating and challenging game barriers with a convenient MOD Menu, which gives you God Mode, damage multiplier, and many more.

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK

About In Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

In Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, you are the captain of a spaceship and start a long voyage throughout the universe. On the voyager, you will have endless waves of enemies, alien warships, comments, asteroid waves, and many more. You have to overcome all these obstacles and continue your voyage.

To defend yourself, your spaceship has two primary gun barrels that constantly fire. Along the way, you will upgrade yourself and add drones to your primary spacecraft and upgrade it. You have cannon that blasts off the enemy wave in a single tap.

All these continuous waves of enemies and your desire to kill them make the game addictive and engaging.


Here in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack you鈥檙e the captain of the spaceship which destroyed the space invaders with the mighty space squad and became the last hope for the peaceful and kind citizen of the galaxy. Continue your battle to keep the Galatic Order in place and take down the ever-emerging enemies during the battles.

Each level consists of multiple waves of enemies with spacecraft, asteroids, and bosses. They are of various types and take a different amount of damage to destroy. As the game progress, the number of waves increases as well as the power of the enemy spacecraft and the bosses. You will constantly have to upgrade your weapons, drones, spacecraft, etc. to keep up with the enemy. As the level progress and you destroy enemies, lots of goodies are dropped, grab them for an instant upgrade which will eventually help you in beating the boss of the level.

Sometimes the levels could be very intimidating and you might require a lot of time, patience, upgrades, and tactics to beat those levels.

There are many spacecraft available in the hangar for you which unlocks at different levels and you can purchase them if you have the money. Similarly, you can purchase and upgrade your drones, and buy canons and power-ups.

Enemies and Bosses

In Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, you have the mission to rescue the Galaxy from the hands of bad guys. In addition to admiring their mysterious beauty on each planet, you face different dangerous enemies with countless modern spacecraft with deadly weapons, including cannons, fire meteors, laser bombs, etc. They are ready to destroy everything.

Especially with bosses, the amount of bullets fired is increasing and causing severe damage. So, besides taking them down quickly, you must pay attention to dodge the bullets, lasers, and missiles. As the only hope of the Earth, you are not allowed to collapse when the fate of humanity is still in danger.

The Mighty Spaceship for Inter-Galactic Warfare

Your strength is your spaceship, it has to be powerful enough to combat any kind of enemy. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack has dozens of spacecraft available in the game which unlock different levels and the prices depend upon the might of the spacecraft, the more powerful the spacecraft is the more costly it gets. You can鈥檛 always buy new spacecraft, it鈥檚 costly. So, you upgrade your spacecraft with better guns and missiles.

You can also deploy up to two drones to assist you during the battles. They are called drones but they are powerful too and collectively increase the power of your attack on the enemies. There are dozens of kinds of drones available in the game as well, and similar to your primary spacecraft you can purchase new ones or of course upgrade the ones that you have.

Incredible bosses with unique abilities

You will receive perpetual waves of minion intruders as you progress within a level and the edge of the galaxy is the end of the level which is protected by a nasty and massive boss. The boss must be defeated to win the galaxy and the in-game level. These bosses have canons and missiles everywhere, they are very powerful and hard to kill, which makes the game more interesting.

But like everything, the bosses can also be killed with the right tactic and observation. Every boss has a pattern of attack, when the boss attacks you then you have to dodge the missiles and identity the attack pattern. You will get the gap when you can retaliate against the boss and conquer the level.

Unique power-ups to make use of

When you kill the enemy minion spaceships, there are lots of power-ups dropped. Each power-up changes and increases the fire patterns and the power of the missiles as well as gives you a shield that protects you from the enemy. So, you need to grab those power-ups while dodging the enemy attack.

All power-ups are not always useful, so you need to identify the power-ups and grab them only if it is useful to you, otherwise just leave them.

These power-ups are in-level power-ups, it goes away when you kill the boss and will the level.

Intense graphics to keep you busy

The game graphics including the navigation and menus are stunning. The spaceship, drones, and missiles are very carefully designed and implemented in the game. As the space is dark the theme of the game is also dark and the whole graphics and in-game physics compliment it very well.

The sounds are sci-fi during the game navigations as well as gameplay, the audio gets more and more intense when you progress in the level which gives you an extremely immersive gameplay experience.

MOD Details of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK provides MOD Menu, which can be conveniently used to turn on and off the MODs. Following are the features provided by the MOD Menu

God Mode

When you turn on God Mode from the MOD Menu, it will make you GOD, which means you can鈥檛 be killed and you are invincible.

Damage Multiplier

Using the Damage Multiplier, you can increase of damage to your enemies. You can set it up to 100, where 100 means 1 kill shot 馃檪

Installation Guide

Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK from

Double-tap the downloaded APK from your file manager to install it.

Make you鈥檝e allowed to install from Unknown Sources.

This MOD contains Mod Menu, which means you have to allow display over apps. Otherwise, it won鈥檛 work.

Get Ready to take the challenge.

Get ready to take on this new game鈥檚 ultimate space shooter challenges and freely discover its exciting features. Enjoy the game with incredible arcade challenges and explore the unique on-game elements. Upgrades your spaceship and progress in the game to unlock even more challenging gameplay. Become the guardian of the Galaxy.

Download (276.96 MB)

You are now ready to download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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