Pixel Blade M VIP

✅Verified – Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Gold/Diamond) v9.2.0

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APK Details

Action RPG game. Collect weapons and conquer dungeons!
Name Pixel Blade M VIP
Publisher PixelStar Games
Genre Action
Size 69.3 MB
Version 9.2.0
Update Dec 8, 2022
gamepad MOD MOD Menu
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Mod Summary

  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode
  • Inject Currency (Gold/Diamond)
  • Inject Keys

What's New

At A Glance

Pixel Blade M MOD APK comes with a MOD Menu and unlimited gold/diamond, which gives players an edge in the game. With these enhancements, players can unlock powerful weapons and upgrade their character’s skills to overcome the game’s challenges. The game features a vast world to explore with numerous levels to complete, each with its unique set of enemies and boss battles.

Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK
Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK

MODs of Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK

Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK has the Mod Menu which allows you to access various cheats and hacks that give them an advantage in the game.

Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK   MOD Menu
Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK MOD Menu

God Mode

One of the cheats available in the Mod Menu is God Mode, which allows players to become invincible and indestructible. With this cheat, players can face enemies and challenges without fear of losing their lives.

Inject Gold

Another cheat available in the Mod Menu is Inject Gold, which allows players to add unlimited amounts of gold to their account. This is particularly useful as gold is required to purchase weapons and upgrade armor sets. With unlimited gold, players can easily buy whatever they need to progress in the game.

Inject Diamonds

The third cheat available in the Mod Menu is Inject Diamonds, which allows players to add unlimited amounts of diamonds to their account. Diamonds are a valuable resource in the game that can be used to unlock special items, upgrade weapons, and unlock powerful armor sets. With unlimited diamonds, players can quickly progress through the game and unlock all the features it has to offer.

Overall, the Mod Menu in Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK is an excellent addition to the game, giving players a fun and exciting gaming experience with endless possibilities.

Install Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK

Following are the steps to download 

  • Download Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK from RedModAPK.com
  • Open your file manager, locate the downloaded APK and tap on it to install it.
  • Allow installation from “Unknown Sources” (it is prompted by android if you are installing an APK if it is downloaded from chrome)
  • Allow “Display Over Apps” when you open the game for the first time (it is essential for MOD Menu work)
  • Now you are done, enjoy the game.

Is it Safe to Install Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK?

We have tested the MOD APK on various Virus Scans through Virus Total and tried the MOD functionality in our device. So there is nothing to worry about. Just download and enjoy the game.

Here is a link for the virus scan result


Don’t worry about Android.PUA.DebugKey, read this article

About Pixel Blade M

Pixel Blade M opens up an exciting world of war. Play as a wooden warrior who appears with a familiar sword and shield. It would be best if you confronted the demons with the giant head. They were followed by a large number of lieutenants and attendants. Your job is to kill all the enemies and collect all the precious jewels of the battle. Items, gold coins, and jewels are all things that have value and purpose in each game. The more levels you pass, the more new equipment and areas you will unlock. Besides, it would help if you avoided the enemy’s slashes, minimizing the damage to yourself.

Pixel Blade M is designed based on the shape of the familiar lego game. Although the condition is angular, the operation is still very smooth. Does not create a feeling of rigidity for the player. Moreover, simple shaping and easy manipulation also help players quickly approach and get used to Pixel Blade M. 

Overall, this is an action-adventure game suitable for all ages. The longer you play, the more attractive you find it, and taking your eyes off the battle will be challenging. Become a professional fighter with skillful maneuvers. When the world is in crisis, there are evil demon lords everywhere. You will be the only surviving hero of Pixel World.

Weapons for Gladiators

Your gladiators are potent characters with unique weapons and armour to strengthen their fighting ability. Players can receive different equipment through fighting in other challenges, from armour to powerful swords. The higher the value of the equipment and the higher the stats, the more effective it will be to fight so that the player can quickly confront his enemies. One way or another, find a way to collect this equipment and improve the combat ability necessary for your monster-slaying journey.

Pixel Blade M VIP - Weapons
Pixel Blade M VIP – Weapons

With the endless chest of Pixel Blade M, you will be provided with many different types of weapons. It might start as a blunt sword with a weak wooden shield. But after collecting, you will unlock advanced equipment. The blades are designed with a variety of colours and different looks. Besides, you can also improve the stats for your knife. Swords will be rated by their star count. Five stars are the maximum a sword can get; upgrade them there. Regularly change between blades so that each can be used and increase stats.

Exciting Battle Scenes

Now comes the exciting battle screen; the game gives players exciting battles against monsters and even other gladiators. These matches will be where players’ skills are compared to find the strongest. Take the fighting skills you are best at and use them as a unique ability that can help you win your match. Don’t forget to use equipment stats to overwhelm your enemies, turning them into weak enemies under your absolute strength.

Pixel Blade M VIP - Battle
Pixel Blade M VIP – Battle

Players of Pixel Blade M can fully mine gems and jewels in the gold mine. Many people here also participate in the mining of precious stones to increase the amount of gold and silver. In addition, when entering the battle with giant monsters. You will collect many times more than a legal battle. Prepare carefully, from mental to skill, a healing potion. Be ready to engage in the fiercest fighting, Pixel Blade M. You can challenge and compete with your friends.

Various Gears and Equipment

Besides changing and upgrading weapons, Pixel Blade M allows you to change costumes and gear for your character. An essential character will be equipped with a hat, shield, sword, clothes, and wings. All of these items are subject to change if you unlock new items. Caps with the shapes of rabbit ears, cat ears, aboriginals, angels, buffalo horns, etc. The wings have transparent fairy wings, wooden boxes, bat wings, and spider legs. In addition, the equipment is also a slight variation in the design. Satisfy your passion for changing costumes and creating highlights for your character.

Pixel Blade M is a fun, action-packed game where players must battle against various enemies while wearing different armour and clothing. Players can unlock various items to improve their stats, such as armour or weapons. As players progress through the game, they can upgrade their armour, weapons, and even their character’s appearance. The more characters and accessories players unlock, the better their chances of winning battles and unlocking more items.

A Variety of Skills

The Pixel Blade M is a game where you play as a hero and fight monsters and bosses to save the world from the evil empire. You can use your sword to defeat monsters and bosses. You can pick between three characters in the game: Blade, Shield, and Ranger. Each of them has its unique abilities and skills. When you complete a level, you earn money and weapons. These items can be used to upgrade your characters.

Coming to Pixel Blade M, the player’s skills will be upgraded daily. In the main interface of the screen, in the left corner, there is a complete information table of the player’s skill stats, from damage, speed, magic ability, and accuracy. Players can easily track their character information. From there, give training strategies and improve the indicators evenly. Join the battle with others to improve your skill stats and build experience and reputation for the character. Take your name to a new horizon that everyone knows.

Explore, Mine, and Fight: A New Gaming Experience with Customizable Armor Sets and Multiplayer Mode

  • a unique mining mechanic that allows you to mine gems while playing the game
  • the ability to unlock different armour sets with each level
  • the ability to buy other weapons to help you fight the monsters
  • ability to play with friends in multiplayer mode
  • ability to customize your character’s skin tone

Experience the Best of Classic and Modern Gaming with 3D Pixel Graphics in Gladiator Arena.

3D pixel graphics blend classic and modern when giving players a comprehensively harmonized graphic style to give them a new experience for their game. This graphics style also enhances the player’s creativity so that the player and the publisher can customize their creativity infinitely. Specifically, the game with this graphic style has given players an entertaining fighting theme of mighty gladiators. Enter the game, enter the arena and participate in exciting battles.

Let’s get going

With Pixel Blade M VIP’s unique blend of pixelated graphics and exciting gameplay, Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a fun and entertaining experience. This game version comes with a Mod Menu that allows players to access cheats like God Mode, Inject Gold, and Inject Gems, giving them an advantage in the game. With the ability to unlock different armour sets, purchase new weapons, and play with friends in multiplayer mode, there is never a dull moment in Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK. So if you’re looking for a new and exciting gaming experience, download Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK today and start your adventure!

Download (69.3 MB)

You are now ready to download Pixel Blade M VIP for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
5/5 - (1 vote)

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