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Despotism 3k MOD APK v1.2.28 [Unlimited Money]

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Humanity is enslaved by an AI… which is awesome, because we’re on right side!
Name Despotism 3k
Publisher Konfa Games
Genre Strategy
Size 59.44 MB
Version 1.2.28
Update Oct 2, 2022
gamepad MOD Unlimited Money
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Mod Summary

  • Unlimited Money

What's New

Fixed the game not launching on Android 12+

At A Glance

Despotism 3k MOD APK brings you the feature of Unlimited Money. With Unlimited Money, you don’t have to worry about earning it and then buying the items, you enjoy the game the same way, but you have the edge over other players.

Despotism 3k MOD APK
Despotism 3k MOD APK

About Despotism 3k

Despotism 3k takes you to a hostile future where humans are no longer the dominant species in the world. The Artificial Intelligence​​ system has assumed authority over humans around the world and is getting more powerful as time passes, making everything gradually slip out of human control.
But the best thing about Despotism 3k MOD APK is that you are the Artificial Intelligence ​​in this game, expanding your empire using tiny humans. Your objective as the Artificial Intelligence is to make human slaves obey your command. If anyone of your human slave dares to protest, you can punish them by throwing them into a bioreactor machine.


The story in Despotism 3k MOD APK originates in a hostile future world where Artificial Intelligence controls humanity. Now, all humans must serve the Artificial Intelligence ​​system, which has become a competent and intelligent tyrant that makes humans its slaves. The purpose of creating the Artificial Intelligence was to serve mankind. Initially, it served that purpose very well by learning to develop itself. But eventually, things go wrong and out of humanity’s control. Having learned so much by itself, Artificial Intelligence betrayed mankind for its development and decided to enslave humanity to create its empire.

Despot of Despotism 3k

The ruthless gameplay consists of transporting humans between various facilities using mechanical claws. They rest in one of the facilities and work in all the others. Humans produce energy for you, which is constantly leaking, and you also need to feed them. You need to plan your strategy and tactics to track all your human slaves, so they don’t die from exhaustion. Your objective is to arrange the appropriate human into each machine to serve the development purpose. In every 20 seconds of operation, the Artificial Intelligence ​​system will lose energy. You must bring your chosen human to an energy-regenerating machine for this.

Every 20 seconds, each human will consume a unit of food to operate. If there is no food available, humans will die. You need to produce enough food by forcing other humans to use a food-making machine. One operation depends on the other. To increase your human population, you must put a human slave into a cloning machine. If too much energy is exploited, humans will be exhausted, which can lead to their death. After 20 seconds of activity, humans also need to eat to recover their energy. This means you need to send another group of humans to the food factory to create nutritious foods.

Managing your empire of human slaves


Your human slaves are directly connected to the production tools, and they will help you create a vast empire as Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, you should not let human slaves get exhausted and keep providing them with the necessary necessities. Sometimes the recovery of specific human slaves reduces your ability to thrive. Therefore, keep moving humans from several facilities continuously to ensure optimum utilization. If the timing is wrong, your human slaves will die of exhaustion, and you will lose everything.

You will have the task of managing everything you have and earning more to build more new things. Firstly, you will be provided with five human slaves to use in generating energy. Every 20 seconds, you lose energy, and the energy can only be recharged using humans as a battery. You will capture humans and bring them to a machine so they can run, and that will create energy for the player. But you need to pay attention to their durability because if the player exploits them too much, they will die.

Creating and developing new humans

Despotism Unlock
Despotism Unlock

Despotism 3k MOD APK offers you a spawning machine where you can create new humans. The images in the spawning area are very cool. They will show you the process of human development from birth to adulthood. But spawning too much humans might disbalance the cycle of creating food for newly spawned humans and older humans. When there are too many human slaves, you will feel the pressure of creating adequate food to feed all of them together. The process of spawning new humans and food creation, which means feeding the newly spawned humans and the older working slaves and commanding the older human slaves, needs efficient and effective administration and coordination.

Global Interactions

Despotism 3k MOD APK offers an online interactive portal that provides a communication system for worldwide players to interact through voice chat, emoticons and more. In addition, it facilitates an easy interaction system for individual players to connect and make new friends globally.

Key features

Despotism 3k gives you five key features:

  1. Time to become evil and live a life of a merciless tyrant.
  2. Precision in management and decision-making. You need to plan your strategy and tactics in advance. So think fast, to the point and be smart.
  3. Spawn your human slaves to increase your Artificial Intelligence empire and witness human development from birth to adulthood.
  4. Despotism 3k MOD APK is easy to play but hard to keep up with. It takes a short while to learn the basics but a long time to master the game.
  5. The feature which gives Despotism 3k MOD APK an edge is that you can’t save the game’s progress. You have to start from the beginning every time you fail.

MOD Details of Despotism 3k MOD APK

Money is Money 🙂 and it’s important; in the world of Despotism 3k, it’s not different; it is the main game currency. Players use Money to upgrade their facilities, purchase new technologies, and increase production efficiency. You can also use Money to equip your workers and improve the world around you. All in all, it’s essential to be on top, and Money is the key, and you’ve got an unlimited amount of them with this MOD.

Unlimited Money

With Unlimited Amount of Money, you get a significant edge over the game. You can upgrade your items to the maximum possible level and purchase whatever you want from the shop. With all the max upgrades and precious items in your possession, you can create the ultimate society with cutting-edge technology and top-class facility, resulting in happy workers and the highest production.

How to Install Despotism 3k MOD APK

Please follow the steps below to install Despotism 3k MOD onK on your device.

  1. Download Despotism 3k MOD APK from We are the most reliable source of MOD APK, where we test each MOD and scan for any malware.
  2. Find the downloaded APK from your file manager and tap it to Instalproduction levelsUnknown Sources if asked.
  3. Now your app should be Installed and work. Enjoy !!!


In conclusion, Despotism 3k MOD APK is an incredibly fun game that provides hours of entertainment. The game has a unique and captivating story, stunning visuals, and plenty of fun activities. There is no doubt that this game has something for everyone. With the MOD APK version, gamers can enjoy the full experience without limitations. Download Despotism 3k MOD APK Unlimited Money now and embark on your journey! Unlock the secrets of the world and become the ultimate ruler!

Download (59.44 MB)

You are now ready to download Despotism 3k for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
5/5 - (2 votes)

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